All works available for purchase at LL ART are original photographs by the photographer Lauris Līvzinieks. In printing  we focus on gallery quality. LL ART offers a range of different techniques for impressive large format prints.


Mountings behind acrylic glass are particularly modern and popular. Acrylic glass has many advantages for mountings: it is break-proof, glossy, light and friendly, and with most photography creates an almost magic picture depth and elegance. If you’ve previously hung a cheap poster or fine art print on the wall, you can now achieve perfection that, while on a budget, can match anything in a museum. Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant, and pure.

The premium, glossy acrylic glass enhances the brilliance of colorful images and gives them a real sense of depth. Choose between three thicknesses of acrylic glass: 2 mm for a slim, elegant presentation, 4 mm or 6 mm acrylic glass for a more imposing appearance.

Instead of a glossy surface, would you rather have the photos under acrylic glass with a more understated matte finish? In that case, we recommend the original photo print under matte acrylic glass. This way you can enjoy the elegance of the pictures practically reflection-free from every angle. Even in direct light, the premium, matte acrylic glass absorbs reflections while simultaneously giving the image visual depth. This option is especially great for images in muted colors, or black and white photographs.

Maximum size for prints under acrylic glass:

- 2 mm acrylic: 270 x 180 cm

- 4 mm and 6 mm acrylic: 180 x 120 cm

We offer 3 mountings under acrylic glass: 

Acrylic photo print  

- Vivid, direct print on brand-name photopaper: affordable, high-quality presentation

- Glossy, acrylic glass: vibrant, long-lasting colors and depth

- Robust dibond backing (aluminium dibond composite board from aluminium and plastic) for extreme stability

A classic photo print sealed under the acrylic glass using silicon

Why do we prefer silicon and not adhesive film? Using silicon for mountings has the distinct advantage that it remains elastic and therefore prevents bubble and creases.

The image is developed on premium Fuji Color photo paper, and then mounted under glossy acrylic glass using an elastic silicone adhesive. A sturdy aluminium Dibond panel is then added for stability.

Metallic print under acrylic glass

- Elegant surface: metallic gleam with a high-gloss finish

- Vibrant colors: expressive images thanks to lush coloring

- Color-resistant Kodak Metallic premium paper: 75 years of color brilliance guaranteed


If you want the photos to be presented in a timeless, frameless, minimalistic gallery look, we recommend a mounting on aluminium Dibond; consisting of two thin aluminium layers and a black polyethylene core, this high-end material is light, highly stable, and available in three appealing variations.

Direct print on aluminium dibond

Using the latest in UV printing technology, the image is printed on an aluminium Dibond panel that has been primed with a platinum-white enamel. With a matte finish, the colors shine in detailed high resolution. The direct print on aluminium Dibond is the most popular starter product. This highly-stable and robust aluminium product is weather resistant and can be hung in protected outdoor areas which are shielded from rain an even in rooms with lots of moisture, such as bathrooms, for example. 

Direct print on brushed aluminium dibond

Are you looking for an aluminium product that gives the image an extravagant look? Then we recommend a direct print on brushed aluminium. With this product, the whites and very bright parts of the photos are not actually printed; instead, these areas retain the horizontally brushed appearance of the aluminium surface. This look gives the image a modern, metallic elegance and it is suitable also for bathrooms, kitchens and sheltered outdoor areas.

Original photo print on aluminium dibond

The image is developed on high-end photo paper from Fuji or Kodak and after the traditional chemical development process, the photo print is mounted on a highly-stable aluminium Dibond panel. The image is refined with a glossy or matte finish to accentuate its effect.

HD metal prints

Sublimation print on ultra-thin aluminium (just 1 mm) gives wonderfully brilliant colors on a fascinating material. This special printing process transforms colorful images into unforgettable works of art: scratch and weather proof to remain just as impressive for a long time.

HD metal prints are UV resistant and can be displayed indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, in the living room or even in the sauna. 


Integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely. Depending on the size of the picture, we have 3 different wall-mounts included in the standard price (you can also order your image without mountings on request):  

- Hooks: for pictures with edges of 25 cm or less

- Parallel aluminium rails: for pictures with any edge from 26 – 50 cm

- Bordering aluminium rail: for pictures with any edge over 50 cm 

Our prints always arrive ready to hang. A frame, however, can provide an additional accent, add a decorative touch, or help reinforce the picture’s overall effect. A frame creates visual closure and directs the viewer’s attention to the image itself, therefore we also offer a variety of frames to choose from. 

All prints are signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Works by Lauris Līvzinieks: HERE



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